It's Happy Hour

Time to hit the bar (chart).

Easy as one, two, three

writeBarGraphSvgFile "one-two-three.svg"
    [("One", 1), ("Two", 2), ("Three", 3)]

Going negative

writeBarGraphSvgFile "negative.svg"
    [("One", 1), ("Negative two", (-2)), ("Three", 3)]

Many bars

writeBarGraphSvgFile "many.svg"
    (zip (map pure (enumFromTo 'a' 'z')) (enumFrom 1))

So, so many bars

writeBarGraphSvgFile "many-many.svg"
    [ (show i, round (sin @Double (fromInteger i) * 100))
    | i <- enumFromTo 1 100 ]


The purpose of this library is to generate okay-looking bar plots for you without much effort on your part. The style of the plots may change in newer releases as we find ways to make them look nicer. If happy-hour generates a plot for you that is not aesthetically pleasing, please let us know so that we may improve.