The Haskell Phrasebook: a quick intro to Haskell via small annotated example programs

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The Haskell Phrasebook

The Haskell Phrasebook is a free quick-start Haskell guide comprised of a sequence of small annotated programs. It provides a cursory overview of selected Haskell features, jumping-off points for further reading, and recommendations to help get you writing programs as soon as possible.

This repository contains only the code files; you may find them useful if you want to follow along while reading the Phrasebook, which can be found at typeclasses.com/phrasebook.

Contributing – We love to hear any requests or ideas for how to expand or improve the Phrasebook! Please see the contributor guide.

Build tools – See the build tools page for information on how to build and run the Phrasebook examples.

License – The code in this repository is offered under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license, which allows free non-commercial use with attribution. You can read the full text in the license.txt file.

Support – You can help support this community resource with funding via Liberapay or by becoming a member of Type Classes (which gives you access to much more of our writing).